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Bringing a taste of Europe to Pittsburgh's East End Communities

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Team Caffeine -- Bicycling

Join the Team Caffeine mailing list:
We have an email list for Team Caffeine at Yahoo!Groups. To join the Team Caffeine mailing list, just send a message to

Weekday rides:
pixel.gif (807 bytes)Tuesdays and Thursdays leaving at 6:15pm sharp, April through September

Weekend rides:
pixel.gif (807 bytes)Some Saturdays and Sundays, usually starting in the morning

Please read the Group Riding Fact Sheet from the League of American Bicyclists.

Ride Calendar

Your regular Tuesday ride leader (yours truly, John Strait), needs help leading the Tuesday rides when the group gets bigger than about 10 people.  Which was most of the time last year.

We may ride as a single group with the co-leaders in front and back (leader/sweep) or we will split up into two groups. One group could be FAST-LEAD (regroup periodically) and the other group could be SLOW-LEAD (everybody stays together). I personally like the two group idea, but we can decide on a week-by-week basis depending on the number of riders and on how the leaders feel.

Anyway, please volunteer to help as a co-leader for a specific date or two. Send a mail including your dates to jstrait @ and I'll add your name to this calendar.


About Team Caffeine

Not really a bicycle club, Team Caffeine is a loosely organized bicycling group that meets at the cafe.  We are really just a bunch of folks who like to ride and drink coffee.  Rides are free and open to everyone -- even tea drinkers!  We enjoy adding new riders to the group.

We usually ride two or three times a week:

Tuesdays 6:15pm, April through September.  10-20 mile rides.  Various routes, usually around the town and at a comfortable pace.  This ride is usually mostly flat with a few hills.  On Tuesdays we ride as a group at an easier pace.  Rain cancels.

Thursdays 6:15pm, April through September.  20-30 mile rides.  Various routes, hilly and intense. Around town or crossing the Allegheny River to Fox Chapel, to the North Side or maybe Mount Washington.  We regroup at the tops of hills but the strongest riders may not wait long.  Rain cancels.

Some Saturdays and Sundays, year round (weather permitting).  30-60 mile rides, usually starting in the morning.  Pace and difficulty are between the Tuesday and Thursday rides.  The rides can be somewhat hilly with great country scenery to make up for it!  These rides are organized by mutual agreement through messages to the Team Caffeine mailing list, usually on Thursday or Friday.  Join the list if you want to be included.

Join the Team Caffeine mailing list to be informed of changes.


Weekday rides

Our weekday rides are usually around the town.   Sometimes we ride to the Eliza Furnace Trail (Jail Trail) or maybe to the North Side or out to the hills in Fox Chapel.  Generally the rides are 15-25 miles and we spend between 1 and 2 hours riding.

Tuesday rides are at a less challenging pace.  We generally ride as a group and try not to lose anyone.

Thursday rides are more intense than the Tuesday rides.  We'll go farther and faster and we might split up into a couple of groups if some folks want to leave the rest of us in the dust!

Sometimes the weekday rides have an impromptu feel -- we may decide to change the route as we go.  We rarely have cue sheets or maps for these rides, so it's important to stay together!

Join the Team Caffeine mailing list to receive messages about upcoming rides.


Weekend rides

Our weekend rides are usually longer and get us out of the city.   Most often we ride north of the city because that's the quickest way to get into nice countryside.  Generally the rides are between 40 and 60 miles, but if you are interested in a shorter option, that can probably be arranged.

The weekend rides often (but not always) have definite pre-planned routes with cue sheets and maps.  We try to schedule one or two rest/snack stops.  Please remember to bring a water bottle (two if it is hot).  We try to ride year round, weather permitting.

Join the Team Caffeine mailing list to receive messages about upcoming rides.


Cue sheets and maps

PDF cuesheets

Sun Mine Road (58 or 40 miles)

Cherry Valley Road (50 miles)
As of July 2008:
1. Gulf Lab Road is closed where it crosses the PA Turnpike. Follow the "Regular Route", not the Gulf Lab Road option.
2. Rt 910 is closed between N Montour and S Montour. Follow the "Regular Route", not the N Montour option.

Mission to Mars (48 miles)
As of July 2008:
Rt 910 is closed between N Montour and S Montour. Use Old State Road instead of N Montour. This route is shown as the "Regular Route" of the Cherry Valley Road ride.

Save Some for Later (37 or 38 miles)

Big Figure 8 With a View or Two (27 miles)

Big Figure 8 (23 miles)

Three Bridges (22 miles)

Go Forward (18 miles)

Go Directly to Jail Trail (15 miles)

Park to Park (10 miles)

First Start to the Right and Straight on Till Morningside (6 miles)

HTML cuesheets

Red Belt West (62 miles)

Saxontown Run (55, 44 or 38 miles)

Lardintown Reverse (55 miles)

Saxonburg and Russelton (52 miles)

Middlesex Township (47 miles)

Mission to Mars 2003 (47 miles)

Deer Lakes Park & Wagman Observatory (46 miles)

Oakdale and the Corliss Tunnel (45 miles)

Bakerstown via North Park (44 miles)

Save Some for Later (37 or 38 miles)

Make a b-line for Bairdford (36 miles)

Don't go to Bairdford (32 miles)

Buckingham (23, 21 or 17 miles)

Fox Run (20 miles)

Fox Pike (18 miles)

Please read the Group Riding Fact Sheet from the League of American Bicyclists.

If you are interested in a shorter option for one of the weekend rides, contact John at jstrait @


Info and rules

pixel.gif (807 bytes)Rides

  • All rides start and stop at Enrico’s Tazza D’Oro on Highland Avenue
  • Rides will begin promptly at scheduled time…so, if you need an espresso…get there early!
  • Rides are automatically canceled if raining or temperature is below 45 F (this varies)at ride time
  • These are road rides…distances and terrain will vary
  • We all cycle at different intensities…some will be faster and others will be slower…that’s okay…..we’ll try to accommodate…

pixel.gif (807 bytes)Equipment

  • Helmets are a must…don’t leave home without ‘em!
  • Flats are a drag…but they happen…have a spare or repair kit…maintaining your equipment will minimize incidents! We’ll be there to give you a hand…sometimes a few riders however…must move on due to scheduling issues
  • Bring enough water for the ride and snacks if you wish.   On the weekend rides we usually stop to refill water bottles and buy snacks once or twice during the ride.

pixel.gif (807 bytes)Road Rules

  • We will obey traffic rules (okay…usually we "clear" each other through stop signs and the "un"lights… although… let’s not be crazy)
  • Stay single file unless we’re in designated biking zones (we try…but sometimes we get to gabbing)

pixel.gif (807 bytes)Cyclist’s Etiquette

  • Use your hand signals to indicate direction of turns and stops
  • Use your voice to shout, "car up", "bus back!!!", "gravel"…
  • Use your finger to point out road hazards, such as gravel, debris, potholes… that are in the cyclist’s path


Contact us

For more information, contact John at jstrait @ or just show up at the cafe at one of the ride times.



Team Caffeine is not a formal organization and is loosely affiliated with Enrico's Tazza D'Oro.   Team Caffeine is a collection of individuals who accept resposibility for their own actions and safety.  In no event will Enrico's Tazza D'Oro or Team Caffeine be liable for any injury, misadventure, harm, loss or inconvenience suffered as a result of taking part in any activity associated with or related to Team Caffeine.




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